$70 per 1 hour lesson

* First lesson is free with prepayment of the first month of lessons (one-time promo).

* All forms of payment accepted.

* Payment is on a monthly basis (all lessons in the month paid for on the first lesson of that month).

* Cancellation policies available upon request.

* Prices include 4.712% Hawaii state tax.

If you are new to music, let Sean help you turn your dream of learning an instrument into a reality.  If you have already played music for years, Sean can help you refine your skills and offer suggestions to rekindle your musical inspiration.

Sean offers a personalized course of study based on students' interests, and specializes in not just teaching students the fundamentals of their instrument, but helps them to cultivate a deeper appreciation for improvisation, theory, composition, and songcraft.  Helping students perfect their chosen cover songs, learn to compose their own songs, hone their improvisation, understand music theory, access their creativity, unleash the artist within, and put all of the musical "pieces" together into a coherent base for performance (in any capacity) are what Sean enjoys most about teaching. 

Sean is also a 3-time Na Hoku award-winning recording artist and performer.  Beyond his full band studio recordings, he regularly performs as a one-man looping experience, layering all the elements of a song (drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals) in a single performance.  Blending together a hooky pop-songwriting aesthetic with the raw emotion of his electric guitar, Sean traverses and synthesizes the frenetic passion of rock and blues with the sultry sounds of r&b, jazz, and soul.



- Over 18 years of experience teaching private guitar lessons in both Honolulu and California. 

- 5 stars on Yelp. 

- Award-winning artist:  3-time (2019, 2021, 2022) Na Hoku Hanohano Award winner (Hawaii's state-wide equivalent of the Grammy awarded by the Hawaii Academy of Recording Arts).  

- Years of professional performance experience, with an average of 5-6 performances every week (over 300 performances a year). 

- Both In-Person and Zoom lessons available (you don't need to live near Sean to take a lesson). 

- Personalized course of study based on students' interests. 

- Any style welcome (both electric & acoustic) (rock, blues, pop, r&b, jazz, funk, folk, singer-songwriter, etc). 

- All levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. 

- All ages welcome. 

- Reliable and friendly instruction. 

- Flexible scheduling.  

- Conveniently located in Hawaii Kai, with access to all of Oahu.  Remote Zoom lessons available worldwide.

What is Sean's teaching experience?

Sean has over 18 years of experience teaching private guitar lessons in both Honolulu and California.  He has taught well over 100 students (young to old, beginner to advanced, and across multiple styles).  He has played music for 26 years in a variety of performing acts spanning many genres, and has studied with private instructors for guitar and voice for most of those years.  He has a Professional General Music Studies certificate from Berklee College of Music (Berklee Online), as well as additional performance and music theory classes taken while earning his B.A. in Philosophy at the University of California Irvine.  He also holds certification in Pro Tools 201, 110, and 101 from The Recording Arts Center (TRAC) in San Diego.

What are the benefits of private lessons over group lessons?

There is nothing that can match the personal attention that a student receives in private guitar lessons.  Unlike in large classes, one-on-one music lessons offer the student a unique plan of study geared toward their personal tastes and goals.  Students benefit from learning songs that they want to learn!  Further, the lessons are matched to the student's learning speed, which is next to impossible in a group setting.


What are the lessons like?

In addition to learning songs (that you'd like to learn!), private students benefit from a steady study of technique, listening skills, and theory.  Many students want to learn their favorite songs without the accompanying technique practice, and that is certainly possible if that is your intent.  With that in mind, Sean does stress learning the fundamentals of guitar technique as well, because a solid foundation in musicianship will make future learning that much more streamlined and enjoyable.

What is the goal?

The goal is to become a well-rounded and flexible musician.  The techniques that the student will practice are only the jumping off point!  They are merely the "tools" with which the student will interpret the works of their musical heroes, craft their own songs, improvise alongside the greats, access their inner creativity, and unleash the artist within.  Sean wants his students to develop a life-long love and passion for the guitar (and more importantly, music in general)!