Comfort Kills (feat. ATOM)

Sean Cleland

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(Sean Cleland - 2020)

"Comfort Kills" (feat. ATOM) is the sixth single released (11/6/2020) off of the album "Chroma (vol.1)".

Written by Sean Cleland

Produced by Imua Garza & Sean Cleland

Engineered by Imua Garza & Jules Washington

Sean Cleland - lead vocals, guitars, bass guitar

Imua Garza - synth keys, synth bass

ATOM - backing vocals

Mark Lindberg - drums

Recorded at Zeo Music & Blue Planet Sound (Honolulu, HI)

Additional tracking at Sean Cleland Music (Honolulu, HI)

Mixed by Imua Garza at Zeo Music

Mastered by Joe Creppell

Photography by Chandler Gines

Art Direction & Design by Chelsea Gines-Cleland

© 2020 Sean Cleland Music, LLC

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